Production & Quality

ISO 9001

Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd has been awarded the Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001:2008 by British Standards Institution (BSI).

StG operates an integrated management system whereby the management of Quality and Safety is achieved by optimum Utilisation of management resources. The Quality element of the management system of StG is based on ISO9001:2008.

StG has defined, documented and implemented a Quality Management System consisting of policies and objectives, processes, procedures and measurements. Interaction of the components of the QMS is understood and the system is monitored to determine the extent of which customer requirements are met and the continually improve when possible any and all facets of the business.

StG is able to offer many of the gas standards manufactured according to ISO 17025 standards. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.


StG Quality and Service

All PRIMARY and CERTIFIED mixtures are issued with a CERTIFICATE OF COMPOSITION which shows:

Clyinder Preparation

Our expertise includes:

Mixture Production

Mixtures are made gravimetrically using a series of high precision balances which undoubtedly give the highest production accuracy available. NPL, NIST and UKAS standards are used as required in the mixture production process. Our modern production systems allow fast manufacture and with our highly experienced chemists and technicians, we can give accurate and reliable delivery times to our customers.

Laboratory and Analysis

All products manufactured undergo full Quality Control assessment. StG has a dedicated laboratory for:


StG conforms to European and ISO standards and is a member of the industry recognised associations: