We understand that customers expect that our products will adhere to the highest possible safety standards in the industry. Therefore at StG we submit our products to rigorous testing and regulation. As well as being ISO 9001:2008 approved, all our HPCs, PCs and regulators are approved to the following standards and regulations:

Safe transportation of goods

We are also aware that product safety does not stop at the doors of our production plant. To ensure that our products are delivered to our customers safely, StG has in-house experts trained in handling all types of Dangerous Goods paperwork. In addition, StG only uses shipping partners who are approved by the following industry-specific regulations:

Customer safety when using products supplied by StG is central to our business and we are constantly reviewing and improving our processes and standards to ensure that the highest safety measures are implemented.

Health & Safety Policy

StG recognises the requirement to conduct the business in such a way as to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, that employees and others who may be affected by our operations are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. Health and Safety is a core value in our business and as a minimum we will strive to fulfil both the spirit and letter of the law but in addition take a proactive approach to achieve continual improvement in performance.

We believe all injuries are preventable and we are committed to sending everyone home each day just as sound as when they arrived at work.

We believe that achieving high standards of health and safety contributes to business performance and that the way we manage health and safety and quality of service go together.

To achieve our health and safety objectives we will:

The overall responsibility for health and safety management throughout the Company is vested with the Directors who will ensure this Policy is implemented.